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“I can not explain who I am, what I like, what I don’t like or how I operate. I am an individual that likes everything and nothing. I am a new person everyday I get out of bed and I refuse to acknowledge my earlier deeds or misdeeds. Today is the only day I exist, tomorrow and yesterday is insignificant.”

The above is of course not true. I guess anyone can explain who they are with enough questions. But this is a sort of very loose mantra I try to live my life by. I created this blog because I have – since childhood – had a very big need of express myself in text and unfortunately been very bad with words vocally.

So the point of this blog is not really for anyone to read it. Can’t deny though, that if someone did and liked it (or disliked it for that matter), then feedback and discussion would be welcome. I will sometimes write in Swedish but I will try to mostly write in English… because for some strange reason, English is my preferred language… It’s a more delicate language in my opinion and I can usually get my message out easier.

My interests vary but the last 20 years they have mostly been freedom-oriented. So as it is now they will mostly cover Swedish Politics, Blockchain technology, Finance, Drugs and other Nerd Topics. I Might also stray away with other things like Music, Cooking, personal life, kids (I have one) relationships and whatnot. There are no real rules about what this will be about. It’s for me. Too keep my sanity.

So have fun…?